This is my spot

I have extensive experience as Software Engineering Leader, Architect and Developer in designing and implementing largescale software with a focus on performance, scalability and availability. I have spearheaded teams through dynamic environments to deliver products on time and quality. I have headed teams from innovative idea generation till product phase implementation successfully. I have experience in working on a variety of products starting from software-hardware interfaces to analytics platform. I have business management and strategic skills to remove impedeiments and deliver a project with success.

Things I Can Do

I dream, I believe and I do.

  • Design and Write all the code
  • Design scalable and high available system architecture
  • Research and development
  • Drink much coffee
  • Provide blazing fast solutions
  • Inspire and lead team

A Few Accomplishments

Just a glimpse of what I can do.

Bun - C++ Object Database

Bun is a modern and simple to use C++ Object Database and Object Relational Mapper (ORM) library

Contact Me

This is a single point of consistency in an ever changing world. If my life were expressed as a topological function in multi-dimensions then this is You can reach me here.